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Online Horse Racing is your online horse racing guide with detailed race track information, race news, race book reviews and handicapping tools to help you pick winners. We offer our visitors free race selections and race results from race tracks around the globe. Be sure to check out some of our online race books which give you free bonuses and free money to sign up with there websites. These sites offer live racing and video replays 24/7 on thoroughbred, Harness, Dog racing and Jai ali. If you need any help or have any questions about any online race book , please email us and we will help you out. We recommend Wagerweb for players from the USA.


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Wagerweb is an online US gambling site that offers you the chance to take a punt on the sport of kings - horse racing. There are several benefits to joining Wagerweb for all of your racing requirements. For a start, putting a bet on races is easy, and if you are a new user you can have your account set up in no time.

Making Bets

If you are new to online horse race betting, then you may want to read up on some of the types of bets that are available. All of this information can be found at Wagerweb for your convenience.

To place a bet on a particular horse race, simply log into your account and enter the book area. Then select a track and race. Once here, choose the type of wager that you wish to make. Then choose your horse and the amount that you want to stake. After this is done, click on the “place wager now” button.


There are a number of horse races available for wagering every single day. You can place your bets on the races up until post time, just like you would be able to in bookmakers or at the track. In addition, the site offers a free horse handicapping pick every week.


Right now Wagerweb is running a wonderful special. People that make their wagers online will receive weekly bonuses up to 13% cashback, including horse racing. There is not a minimum amount of wagers that needs to be placed, and there is also not a maximum either.

Betting on horse racing on the Wagerweb website is simple, vast and the promotions are some of the best around. All of these points should make Wagerweb your number one website for horse racing.

>> Bovada (US, Mexico, Brazil) <<

The dream of every horse race handicapper is to have a dead heat at the end of every race, with every horse crossing the line at exactly the same time. A team of experts work hard to try and achieve this impossible dream week after week, in the system known as handicapping.

The aim of horse handicapping is to make all contenders chances equal by giving advantages to less experienced or capable horses and disadvantages to the top class performers. Spectators of sport can also use this method to try and predict results.

The Racing Secretary assigns weights to horses, which are carried in saddle pads with pockets, designed to hold the lead weights. The Racing Secretary will decide on the weight a horse should carry dependent on previous form, speed over different distances against different competitors. What he cannot take into account is the mood and determination of both jockey and horse and a dozen other variable factors. It is these other factors that ensure a dead heat is uncommon.

Horse race handicapping is an art and is highly volatile. Predicting those horses that have the greatest chance of winning is in theory a highly profitable past-time, hence the detail that goes into the system.

To achieve success,, handicapping needs to be followed carefully. Form of all contenders must be studied daily, usually by statistical analysis. The horses themselves need to be carefully observed prior to any races; watch for signs of distress and a high level of alertness. Knowing each horse's normal behaviour in the collecting paddock is a useful tool as changes are then easy to spot. Keep an eye on the betting board for any changes in views regarding the likely performance to be expected. Always take notes during races to understand how each horse prefers to race.

Aspects to be considered when handicapping include speed, taking into account each individual race track; pace, or each horse's individual style; form at any given point in time, as horses and jockeys do have good weeks and bad weeks; the class of competition; the position on the track; conditions such as the track, the weather, weight carried; and the jockey, who can make an enormous difference to the results of the race. The Racing Secretary handicapper cannot know the answers to tall this factors when they are making their decision regarding he weight a horse should carry, but a seasoned spectator can.

Just like all Online Sportsbetting, such as basketball and football tips can be useful to help determine the likely outcome but during any competition factors an come into play that no one can possibly foresee and alter the course dramatically. Despite that, the more work you put into learning about handicapping, the more successful you are likely to be.

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